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Skin friendly diapers


  • Diaper subscription (save 25%)
  • Single purchase

Only 4 steps to your diaper susbcription:

  • Choose your products,
  • your size,
  • your designs and
  • your delivery interval.

Free shipping, free diaper size exchange and possibility to suspend or cancel anytime!

  • Subscribe and save 25%
  • Free shipping within Germany when you're over €20
  • Prices incl. VAT, if applicable plus shipping costs
  • 33 diapers per pack in size 3
  • 4 - 9 kilos and extra absorbent


LILLYDOO Windel Design Little Blowballs LILLYDOO Windel Design The New Baby Blue LILLYDOO Windel Design Lilly D


Subscribe and save 25%

It's more than just an ordinary diaper

Skin friendly • stylish • super comfortable

Our diapers are free of perfumes and lotions. And everything but dull. Extra soft and with an optimal fit, it provides surpreme protection while still being nifty. Our contribution, so that you and your little explorer can spend time together relaxed and protected. Day and night!

Diaper size 3 4 4+ 5 5+ 6
Weight of your baby (kilo) 4 - 9 7 - 18 9 - 20 11 - 25 13 - 27 16 - 30
Diapers per value pack 33 29 27 25 23 21
Diapers per subscription delivery 198 174 162 150 138 126

Free from everything our skin doesn't like

Less is more. That's why we leave out the following substances


Chlorine (ECF)





Null Prozent

Endocrine disruptors


Lillydoo Vögelchen

Our diapers contain

Chlorine free bleached pulp from certified sustainable forestry, Soft Sleep- and Dry-Layer without perfumes, lotions or dyes, latex-free and flexible cuffs for an optimal fit, Extra strong absorbant core, Super breathable and stylish outer layer, Extra soft nonwovens, Completely compostable packaging film in accordance with DIN EN 13432

Certified by independent institutes

Skin friendly, tested for harmful substances, minimal allergy risk and vegan

Öko Tex Standard 100 Logo

Our diapers are free from harmful substances

Certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100:

  • Certified in product class 1 for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age
  • Checked for numerous harmful chemicals
  • Contributes to high and effective product safety

Cruelty free and vegan

We love animals. That's why together with PETA we guarantee:

  • No animal based ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
dermatest Logo

Our diapers and wipes are dermatologically tested

Dermatose confirmes:

  • No irritations on sensitive skin
  • Rated "EXCELLENT" by medical specialists
  • Successfully tested on baby bottoms over a period of 4 weeks
Asthma-Allergy Denmark Logo

Minimal allergy risk with our diapers

Certified by Asthma-Allergy Denmark

  • No perfumes and no added formaldehyde
  • No dyes in contact with skin
  • Minimal risk of allergies

Ingredients from carefully selected sources

Manufactured in Europe

See for yourself