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Our philosophy

A lot has changed over the last few years when it comes to the use of baby care products. True to the motto- less is more – the focus on skin-friendly products has increased. Our little ones carry diapers for approximately 3 years. This is a very intensive skin connection with a product – day and night!

Our products are co-developed with midwives and our LILLYDOO products are free from everything our skin doesn't like.

Sissi Rasche LILLYDOO Hebamme und Babycare-Expertin

"Our diapers are stylish and we consciously refrain from perfumes and lotions."

As a midwife and mother of two I know how rewarding but challenging it is to balance work life, family life and have a little me time.

In 2011 our first child turned our lives upside down. Being parents is the most remarkable feeling of all.

From the time that my children have been little we have carefully selected products which are free from perfumes, PEG- emulsifiers and parabens. This is also very important for me when helping to develop new products.

With LILLYDOO we have diapers and sensitive wipes that can be recommended to mothers without hesitation. Finally!

Sissi-Rasche, LILLYDOO-midwife and baby care expert

Discover our skin-friendly products

Baby mit LILLYDOO Windel

Delivering Happiness: More time for yourself!

We want you to spend more time with your children and less shopping for diapers. That’s why we offer our 100% fair and flexible diaper subscription!

You can select your favourite design, choose a delivery date that suits you, suspend or reschedule the next delivery as you wish. You can even cancel the subscription within just a few clicks – promised!

P.S If your size changes and does not fit anymore, we will replace the unopened package free of charge.


Developing our very first LILLYDOO product took us over a year. In February 2016 we were very happy to produce the very first LILLYDOOs. Not just anywhere but in the heart of Europe. Gerald, Sissi and Sven work hand in hand to select each ingredient carefully in order to make our products extraordinary.

And because sometimes less ingredients are more, we try to leave out more and more!

Die Gründer Sven Bauer und Gerald Kullack mit Sissi Rasche LILLYDOO Hebamme und Babycare-Expertin

Discover our skin-friendly products