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Swipe, like, match!

Find the perfect name for your little explorer

Throughout pregnancy, you and your partner will probably have a lot of questions. One question in particular is important to most parents: "What should our baby be called?"

The app LILLYDOO – Baby names allows you to approach the search for a baby name completely relaxed and fuss-free, helping you find names that you and your partner both like. And all you have to do is: swipe, like, match!

Get started now and find the perfect name for your baby.
Lillydoo App
Get started now and find the perfect name for your baby.
blowball icon Lillydoo App swipe gif Swipe!

Swipe through our database of over 12,000 possible first names and learn more about their origin and meaning. Set filters to narrow down the selection based on your preferences.

blowball icon blowball icon Lillydoo App like image Like!

If a name appeals to you, give it a "like" which will automatically save it in your favorites list.

blowball icon Lillydoo App match gif Match!

Connect with your partner to find out which first names you both like. All of your matches will be saved in a list, which both of you can access any time.