Terms & Conditions


1. Miscellaneous

These Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts between LILLYDOO and its customers, concluded via the Dutch online shop www.lillydoo.com/nl or the LILLYDOO app, in each case in the version that was valid at the time of order.

The "Provider" in the meaning of the following terms and conditions is

Hanauer Landstraße 147-149
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Managing Directors: Gerald Kullack and Sven Bauer

Tel. no.: +31 (0)85 888 8043
E-mail: service@lillydoo.nl

Entered in the Registry at the Frankfurt/Main District Court under HRB 101542
VAT ID no.: NL825562739B01

-referred to in the following as the "Provider" or “LILLYDOO”-

"Consumers" in the meaning of these Terms and Conditions are defined in accordance with Section 13 German Civil Code (BGB), therefore as natural persons who enter into a business relationship with LILLYDOO without this being attributable to their commercial or self-employed realm of professional activity.

"Merchants" in the meaning of these Terms and Conditions are defined in accordance with Section 14 German Civil Code (BGB), therefore as natural and legal persons or as legally competent partnerships who enter into a business relationship with LILLYDOO as part of their commercial or self-employed realm of professional activity.

This Contract defines the terms for the sale of new products from the area of baby and body care via the provider’s online shop. We refer to the product description on the offer page in respect to the details of each offer.

Registration / Customer account / Order process


A customer account is necessary in order to place orders via the online shop or the app. To do this, the user must initially register free of charge using a valid email address belonging to the user and a self-selected password. As part of this registration, LILLYDOO sends the customer a confirmation email and sets up the customer account.

If orders via the App are not possible, the user is referred to the websites of LILLYDOO GmbH, where he can use the respective online shop for his order.


Afterwards the customer has the opportunity to manage and update his customer data, including delivery address and any possible orders/subscriptions.

The user undertakes to keep the customer and payment details up-to-date at all times.


The order process involves the following steps:

  • Initially, a noncommittal selection of products in the desired specification (size, colour, quantity) and placing of these products in the shopping cart.
  • The customer finds the selected articles in the shopping cart list. Articles can be removed here, and volumes changed.
  • In order to complete the selection and order the articles contained in the shopping cart, the customer clicks on the button marked "Proceed to checkout" (or similarly).
  • Then the customer is asked to enter the delivery address or confirm the data contained in the customer account, as well as to select the method of payment.
  • Finally, the customer is shown a confirmation page with a summary of all details. The customer uses this page to check the selection once again.
  • The customer then confirms the order by clicking on the button marked “Buy now” (or marked in a similarly clear fashion). This represents an offer to LILLYDOO to conclude a purchase agreement.
  • Confirmation email from LILLYDOO that the order has been received.

The customer has the option to correct erroneous entries made during the order process. To do this, the customer simply clicks on the button marked “Back” (or marked in a similarly clear fashion).

The automatically generated and dispatched order confirmation does not yet represent a binding acceptance of the offer by LILLYDOO.

3. Conclusion of the Contract / Saving option and inspection of the contractual text

The customer places an order by clicking on the button marked “Buy now” (or marked in a similarly clear fashion). After placing an order, the customer will receive an e-mail from LILLYDOO acknowledging that we have received the customer’s order. Please note that this does not mean that the customer’s order has been accepted. The customer’s order constitutes an offer to us to buy Products. All orders are subject to acceptance by us, and we will confirm such acceptance by dispatching the Products or by sending an e-mail to the customer that confirms the Contract. A legally binding Contract does not come into force until LILLYDOO does either of the two options mentioned above.

It is at the equitable discretion of the provider to accept the offer.

We keep these Terms and Conditions and the other terms of our Contract available for access together with the other order data for access throughout the order process. The customer can archive this information simply by downloading the Terms and Conditions and by saving the data collated in the Order History of the Internet shop by means of the relevant browser functions. Alternatively, the customer can wait for the automatic receipt of order confirmation sent to his specified email address immediately after conclusion of the order process. This email confirming receipt of the order lists once again all of the data contained in the order and can be easily printed out or saved using a suitable email program.

We save the contractual text, but for security reasons it cannot be made available for access by the customer. We offer each customer a password-protected login area, where after registration the customer can manage all of the personal data and review the order data. The valid version of the Terms of Conditions for new contracts are also found on our website.

4. Term of the Contract / Notice

The Contract is concluded for an indefinite period insofar as its object refers to recurring/permanent services (subscription). Each contractual party shall have the right to serve notice of termination to this kind of Contract without statement of reasons with a period of 5 working days (Monday to Friday), effective as per the next delivery date. This is without prejudice to the right to serve extraordinary notice of termination for good cause, in particular repeated violation of main contractual obligations.

Notice of termination can be served in the customer account by means of the subscription cancellation function, or in text form (by post or email).

5. Reservation of title

The goods remain the property of the provider until complete payment has been received.

6. Prices, shipping costs, costs of return


All prices are retail prices and are inclusive of the statutory rate of value added tax.

Our subscription service and its prices may change occasionally to accommodate rising costs and therefore to cover LILLYDOO GmbH’s overheads. A need for price changes may be taken into consideration, for example, in the event of a rise in our purchasing prices. An internal offset is carried out in advance to take both increases and decreases into account. Any change(s) of this kind vis-à-vis the customer will, however, only come into effect from the billing period following announcement of the change(s) to the customer and will be notified in writing in good time before entering into force. The same shall apply to a reduction in price that benefits the customer.


Shipping costs for deliveries to the Netherlands are € 3.90.
LILLYDOO delivers free of charge inside of the Netherlands for shipments with a merchandise value as of € 19.00.

Shipping costs shall be charged on one occasion only for partial deliveries.


If there is a right of revocation and if use is made of this, the customer shall bear the costs of returning the goods in accordance with § 357 para. 6 sentence 1 BGB (German Civil Code). However, LILLYDOO shall bear the costs of the return shipment if the revoking customer uses the return label provided by LILLYDOO at the request of LILLYDOO and commissions the parcel service named thereon. LILLYDOO makes such return label available with every order. In the event that the customer is no longer in possession of the return label, the customer shall contact LILLYDOO’s customer service team at service@lillydoo.nl.

7. Terms of payment

Fulfilment of payment takes place using the payment service provider PAYONE (www.bspayone.com, BSPAYONE GmbH, Fraunhoferstr. 2-4, 24118 Kiel). The use of an escrow service / payment service allows the provider and the customer to arrange payments. Herein, the escrow service / payment service forwards the customer’s payment to the provider. Additional information is available on the Internet homepage of the respective escrow service / payment service.

The customer has the following options to make payment:

  • payment service (PayPal)
  • credit card
  • payment on account
  • iDEAL

LILLYDOO reserves the right in individual cases to offer other modes of payment / options and/or to restrict the modes of payment. Some modes of payment are only available depending on the order value, the creditworthiness and the order patterns of the customer.

7.1 Payment by PayPal

The provider also accepts transfers to its PayPal account. This takes place as conditional payment (Section 364 II German Civil Code (BGB)). The service is offered by PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. & Cie, S.C.A., 5. Etage, 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449, Luxembourg. The contractual relationship between PayPal and its customers shall be based exclusively on the PayPal Terms and Conditions.

7.2 Payment by Credit card

Credit card payments will be debited when the goods are ready to dispatch and are made available for collection by the carrier.

7.3 Payment on account and/or by SEPA direct debit

(1) Invoice amounts will be assigned to Bank Frick & Co. AG (in the following: “the Bank”) in cases of payment on account and SEPA direct debit.

(2) LILLYDOO customers must be 18 and over in order to make purchases on account or by SEPA direct debit. In these payment methods, LILLYDOO customers purchase products in the LILLYDOO shop and do not make payment until they have received the products and the invoice, or until the invoice amount is charged to their accounts by SEPA direct debit.

(3) The purchase contract for the products is concluded exclusively between LILLYDOO customers and LILLYDOO. Fulfilment of the purchase contract also takes place on the basis of agreements that the LILLYDOO customer makes with LILLYDOO. In particular, LILLYDOO remains responsible for general customer enquiries (e.g. in regard to the products, delivery schedule, shipping), returns, complaints, warranty claims, any withdrawal from the contract and refunds.

(4) In case a purchase is fulfilled by payment on account or by SEPA direct debit, LILLYDOO will assign the claim to payment of the purchase price to the Bank. The LILLYDOO customer will be informed of this assignment of claim. In order to satisfy the debt, all payments must be made exclusively to the Bank and to the account that LILLYDOO announces to the customer for this purpose. The products will remain the exclusive property of the Bank until payment has been settled in full.

(5) payolution GmbH (www.payolution.com) will act on behalf of LILLYDOO as technical service provider and credit rating provider to review the creditworthiness of LILLYDOO customers requesting payment on account or by SEPA direct debit.

7.3.1 Payment on account

This payment method is only available after a successful creditworthiness check by the Bank. LILLYDOO will assign claims to the Bank in cases of payment on account. For this reason, customers can only settle their debt by making payment to the Bank.

(1) LILLYDOO will invoice the customer immediately if payment on account is agreed. This invoice is payable immediately upon receipt and in full.

(2) Customers will automatically be in arrears, without separate dunning notice, in the event that the invoice is not settled by no later than the date of maturity. From this moment on, LILLYDOO will be entitled to charge the customer arrearage interest in the amount permitted by law.

The complete GTC's for the purchase with invoice can be found here.

7.3.2 SEPA direct debit

In case that payment by SEPA direct debit is agreed ...

(1) ... LILLYDOO will send the customer an invoice that is payable immediately and in full as soon as the invoice is received. The due amount will be debited from the customer’s account by SEPA direct debit.

(2) ... LILLYDOO will send the customer notification of the imminent SEPA direct debit no later than one calendar day before SEPA payment.

(3) ... the customer will confirm that he/she is suitably authorised to grant a SEPA direct debit mandate in regard to the account specified during the order process. The customer must ensure that adequate funds are available on the account. The customer will carry the costs of the return debit note in the event that the account does not have adequate funds.

(4) ... the customer will not appeal the SEPA direct debit in case of cancellation, withdrawal, returns or complaints in order to avoid unnecessary workload and costs. The amount that LILLYDOO will refund to its customer will be credited to the account that was charged in the SEPA direct debit, or a credit note will be issued insofar as this is agreed between LILLYDOO and the customer.

(5) ... the customer will grant the following SEPA direct debit mandate upon submitting the order and acceptance of these terms:

Account holder of the debiting account: BS PAYONE GmbH
Creditor name: LILLYDOO GmbH
German Creditor Identifier: DE7605000000000056

The mandate reference will be made available on request

SEPA direct debit mandate

I hereby authorise BS PAYONE GmbH to charge my account for payments by means of direct debit. I furthermore instruct my bank to honour the direct debits charged to my account by BS PAYONE GmbH.

NB: I am entitled to demand reimbursement of the debited amount within eight weeks, beginning on the date of debit. The terms agreed with my bank will apply in these cases.

Name of the account holder: as stated by the customer in the order process
IBAN: as stated by the customer in the order process
Date of issue: order date

7.3.3 Payment with iDEAL

Only the first delivery can be paid for with iDEAL. If you choose to pay with iDEAL, the amount of the first recurring service will be directly debited from your bank account. In addition, you give permission to PAYONE (acting on behalf of LILLYDOO) to send SEPA direct debits to your bank in order to debit your account. iDEAL is only available for purchases concluded via the Dutch online shop www.lillydoo.com/nl.

7.3.4 Warning: consequences of default

Arrearage interest in the agreed amount and the costs of reasonable dunning procedures will be charged in cases of delayed payment for both payment on account as well as payment by SEPA direct debit mandate. In case that internal dunning procedures are not successful, the Bank is entitled to pass the outstanding receivable to a collection agency for processing. The LILLYDOO customer may incur charges for prosecution by the collection agency and for legal representation in these instances.

7.4 Recurring/permanent services (subscription)

If the subject of the contract is recurring services (subscription), we and/or our payment service provider stores the customer's payment data necessary for recurring payments (e.g. credit card number). This data is used exclusively to debit the selected payment method with the recurring purchase price, the amount of which depends on the products selected in the subscription.

The customer agrees to the aforementioned data storage and recurring payment.

8. Terms of delivery

Delivery within the Netherlands takes place after 2-4 working days.

In the case of payment in advance, the period for delivery begins on the day after the payment order is issued to the remitting bank or, in the case of other forms of payment, on the day after the contract is concluded and ends with the expiry of the last day of the period. If the last day of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a general holiday recognised by the state at the place of delivery, the next working day shall take the place of such day.

If the product description indicates a different delivery period or if the buyer chooses a delivery date, the product description or the buyer's choice shall apply to the delivery period.

LILLYDOO will inform the customer immediately of any delays in delivery.

The provider shall be entitled to withdraw from a Contract with a customer in the event that it experiences, for reasons for which it carries no responsibility, a lasting obstruction to delivery, in particular due to force majeure or failure by its suppliers to make deliveries although a suitable cover transaction was initiated in good time. The customer will be informed immediately, and any services received, in particular payments, will be reimbursed without delay.

9. Warranty

The customer is entitled to statutory warranty rights for the services provided.

The warranty period extended to customers who are merchants for new products is restricted to one year.

10. Transfer of risk

The risk of coincidental loss and/or deterioration of the products for customers who are merchants is transferred to the customer upon handover of the products, and upon submission to the selected service provider in the event of shipment of the products.



Lillydoo reserves the right at various times and based on various terms to offer one or several “Refer a friend” programme/s. The customer has no right to demand participation.

The amount of the credit for the person recruiting friends shall depend on the current terms of the “Refer a friend” programme at the time of the order by the recruited customer.

Credits that are granted to the customer for “Refer a friend” programmes will be automatically redeemed in the next possible delivery. Insofar as the accumulated credit exceeds the purchase price of the delivery, the amounts will be offset with following deliveries until the credit has been exhausted.

Lillydoo reserves the right to terminate – also prematurely – the programme at any time. Credit that has already been earned shall of course retain its validity.

Earned credit that is not redeemed by the subscriber shall lapse, unless otherwise regulated in the programme, in every case at the end of the third calendar year after the credit was earned.

In the event that the customer cancels the subscription, all credit earned until this time shall lose its validity and value. A transfer to third parties, payment in cash or other continued use shall be excluded in every case.

You are entitled to pass on your individually issued voucher code to friends or publish it on your private website, your private blog, your Facebook account, or your Twitter profile.

Publication on commercial media or media provided by third party providers, in particular voucher pages, deal blogs and/or forums, is explicitly prohibited. In the event that the voucher code is shared on these media, Lillydoo shall reserve the right to block these voucher codes and to invalidate the respective credit without compensation.


Lillydoo also reserves the right at various times and based on various terms to offer one or several voucher programme/s. The customer has no right to demand any such vouchers.

The value of the voucher depends on the current terms of the voucher programme at the time of its issue.

Vouchers have an expiry date that is listed on the respective voucher. The vouchers shall expire, however, in every case at the end of the third calendar year after issue of the voucher.

The following conditions shall apply in every case unless other voucher terms are defined:

  1. Vouchers are non-transferable.
  2. Vouchers can be redeemed by new customers only.
  3. The voucher must be redeemed when ordering. Any subsequent claim of the voucher shall not be possible.
  4. Vouchers cannot be combined with any available credit.


All credit and vouchers may only be redeemed in the country in which the currency in which the credit / voucher is issued is also legal tender.


The LILLYDOO Club is an opportunity for LILLYDOO to reward its loyal customers and say thank you. When customers activate a subscription for LILLYDOO products, they become a member of the LILLYDOO Club subject to the terms and conditions stated below.

Customers receive a credit of 50 points on every euro they spend as part of a subscription or an individual purchase on the LILLYDOO website. Points will be granted based on the amount spent after deduction of any discounts and rounded down to the nearest euro. Shipping costs do not qualify for credit. Points will be credited once the product is shipped. In case of return of the ordered product by the customer, the points granted for the product will be deducted from the points balance.

Customers can redeem the points they have collected in the LILLYDOO rewards shop providing they have an active subscription. Older points will automatically be used for redemption before more recent ones. If customers do not have an active subscription, the points will remain valid but can only be redeemed after a new subscription has been taken out.

Every point has an individual expiry date of two years from the date on which the customer collected the point. Points expire if they are not redeemed in the LILLYDOO rewards shop within two years of being awarded.

There is no upper limit to the number of points collected. However, LILLYDOO reserves the right to set an upper limit for points collected at its own discretion, if it considers this necessary. LILLYDOO can also change the number of points awarded per euro on future purchases. LILLYDOO will inform customers about this by email.

LILLYDOO is entitled to change the offer in the rewards shop and the points value of a reward at any time.

LILLYDOO reserves the right to adjust the points credit at any time if there are reasons to assume that fraudulent activity is present.

There are no membership fees for participation in the LILLYDOO Club. Points collected as part of the programme have no cash value.

The points you have collected are personal and cannot be sold, transferred, assigned to or shared with family members, friends or other people.


LILLYDOO GmbH reserves the right to offer trial packs. The customer is not entitled to a free trial pack.

To order a trial pack, the Customer selects the desired product in the app or in the online shop from the products available as a trial pack and places it in the shopping basket. The ordering process is carried out as described in section 2.

The trial pack automatically converts into a subscription with costs. The beginning of the subscription is indicated to the Customer when ordering the trial pack. The subscription can be configured via the online shop. It can be cancelled before delivery of the first chargeable delivery as described in clause 4.

12. Right of revocation

As a consumer, the customer is entitled to a statutory right of revocation:

Instruction on revocation rights

Right of revocation

The customer has the right to revoke this Contract within 14 days without statement of reasons.

The revocation period is 14 days, beginning with day:

  • For a purchase Contract:
    … on which the customer or an appointed third party, who shall not be the shipping agent, takes possession of the products.
  • For a Contract in respect to several products that the consumer ordered as part of one single order and that are delivered separately:
    … on which the customer or an appointed third party, who shall not be the shipping agent, takes possession of the last product.
  • For a Contract in respect to the delivery of a product in several partial consignments or pieces:
    … on which the customer or an appointed third party, who shall not be the shipping agent, takes possession of the last partial consignment or the last piece.
  • For a Contract in respect to the recurring delivery of products over a defined period:
    … on which the customer or an appointed third party, who shall not be the shipping agent, takes possession of the first product.

The last date respectively shall be authoritative in the event that several alternatives are applicable.

In order to invoke the right of revocation, the customer is required to inform us (LILLYDOO GmbH, Hanauer Landstraße 147-149, 60314 Frankfurt/Main, E-Mail: service@lillydoo.nl, Tel. no.: +31 (0)85 888 8043) by unequivocal declaration (e.g. a letter sent by post or an email) of the decision to revoke this Contract. Here, the customer may use the enclosed Revocation Form template, although this is not mandatory.

In order to observe the revocation period, it is sufficient that notification of the enforcement of the revocation right is sent before the end of the revocation period.

Consequences of the revocation

In the event that the customer revokes this Contract, we shall be required to return to him all payments that we have received from him, including shipping costs (apart from additional costs incurred through selection by the customer of a different shipping form than the standard shipping form we offer), without delay and by no later than 14 days from the date on which we receive notification of his intention to revoke the Contract. We shall use for this reimbursement the same method of payment used in the original transaction, unless otherwise agreed explicitly with the customer; on no accounts shall the customer be charged fees for this reimbursement. We are entitled to refuse reimbursement until we have received the products or until the customer has provided evidence that he has returned the products, depending on which date is earlier.

The customer must return the products immediately and on all accounts no later than within 14 days following the date on which he notified us of the revocation of this Contract. The products must be returned or delivered in person to:

DHL Parcel Utrecht - Lillydoo
Reactorweg 21

3542 AD Utrecht

This period is observed insofar as the customer shipped the products before the end of this 14-day period.

The customer carries the direct costs of returning the products.

The customer shall only be required to pay compensation for any loss in value of the products in the event that this loss of value is due to an unnecessary handling of the products for the purpose of examining their characteristics, properties and functions.

End of the instruction on revocation rights

Revocation Form template

(Please complete the following form and return it to us if you wish to cancel the Contract.)

To Lillydoo GmbH, Hanauer Landstraße 147-149, 60314 Frankfurt/Main
Email: service@lillydoo.nl Tel. no.: +31 (0)85 888 8043

I/we (*) hereby revoke the Contract that I/we (*) concluded for the purchase of the following products (*) / the provision of the following service (*):
Ordered on (*)/received on (*)
Name and address of the consumer
Signature of the consumer (only for notification in paper form)

(*) Delete as applicable

The right of revocation shall lapse prematurely in accordance with Section 312g (2) German Civil Code (BGB) in the event of:

No. 3) Contracts for the delivery of sealed products that for reasons of health protection or hygiene are unsuitable for return if their seal has been removed following delivery.


We, LILLYDOO GmbH, are completely convinced of our products, which is why we grant a voluntary right of return in addition to the statutory right of revocation (item 12 of these General Terms and Conditions). After expiry of the statutory right of revocation and up to 60 days after receipt of the goods, the customer has the following right of return:

(1) After expiry of the statutory right of revocation, the customer may return goods within 60 days after send out and have the money refunded after receipt of the goods.

(2) The products have been removed from the parcel in which they were delivered, but are otherwise originally packaged and unopened.

(3) The Customer shall use the parcel service named by LILLYDOO GmbH for the return shipment, using exclusively the return label provided.

If no return label was enclosed with the original delivery, this can be requested via the Customer account in the "Maandelijkse box luiers & bestellingen" section under "Mijn bestellingen".

In all cases the return delivery must be sent to the following address:
DHL Parcel Utrecht - LILLYDOO
Reactorweg 21
3542 AD Utrecht

(4) The return takes place within 2 weeks after registration.

(5) LILLYDOO GmbH shall reimburse the customer for the purchase price within 14 days of return delivery.

(6) The statutory right of revocation (section 12 of these General Terms and Conditions) is not affected by the above voluntary right of return.

14. Disclaimer of liability

The liability of the provider in the event of slightly negligent breach of Contract shall be restricted to predictable, direct damage that is typical of this kind of Contract and the type of goods. In particular, the provider shall not be liable for loss of profit or other monetary damage incurred by the customer. The disclaimer of liability applies also to liability for tortious actions.

The disclaimer of liability does not apply to compensation claims on the part of the customer due to violations of life, limb, health or essential contractual obligations that are necessarily required in order to fulfil the purpose of the Contract. Moreover, the disclaimer of liability does not apply to compensation claims based on gross negligence or wilful intent in the violation of contractual duties on the part of the provider, its legal representatives or vicarious agents.

This Item 14 applies also to legal representatives, employees or vicarious agents of the provider in the event that claims for compensation are lodged against these parties by the customer.

15. Contractual language, applicable law and place of jurisdiction


The contractual language is German. The execution of the contractual relationship shall take place in German


Exclusively the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply, with exclusion of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG). This shall only apply to consumers insofar as it does not restrict compulsory legal obligations in the country in which the customer maintains his or common place of residence.


The place of jurisdiction for all disputes with customers that are not consumers arising from or in connection with the order shall be the domicile of the provider.

This applies equally to consumers who at the time of contractual conclusion have their domicile or common place of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany, but who after the time of contractual conclusion relocate their domicile common place of residence to a different country. The same applies to consumers whose domicile or common place of residence is unknown when a lawsuit is commenced.

16. Consumer dispute resolution and general disclosure obligations according to section 36 VSGB


The European Commission provides for an online dispute resolution platform, which you can access here: www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. If you would like to bring a matter to our attention, please contact us at service@lillydoo.nl.


Furthermore, we inform, that we are not obligated and not willed to participate in a dispute resolution in front of an arbitration board according (§36 VSGB).

17. Right of modification

LILLYDOO is entitled to modify these Terms and Conditions or other terms. The Terms and Conditions applicable at the time the order is placed shall apply in all cases. Changes in subscriptions initiated by the customer (e.g. sizes, designs or delivery intervals) shall be considered individual orders.

18. Severability clause

The ineffectiveness of any provision of these Terms and Conditions is without prejudice to the effectiveness of the other provisions.

Click here for all of the provisions of the German Civil Code (BGB) and other laws quoted in these Terms and Conditions.